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Icelandair Debuts New Livery Inspired by the Spectacular Colors of Icelandic Nature

Icelandair has today unveiled their new 2022 livery, inspired by the colors of Icelandic nature, including the northern lights. In the first livery redesign since 2006, the change is part of the carrier’s larger complete brand refresh.

Icelandair Boeing 737-8 MAX, registration TF-ICE, Featuring the Carrier's New 2022 Livery Design - Courtesy Icelandair

On Friday (January 28, 2022), Icelandair unveiled their first new livery design since 2006, as part of a larger overall brand refresh. The new livery design has been designed with colors drawn from Icelandic nature, especially the spectacular northern lights. The first aircraft to receive the new livery is a Boeing 737-8 MAX, registration TF-ICE, named Jökulsárlón (after Iceland's famous glacier lagoon). The aircraft arrived at Keflavík International Airport on Friday, January 28, 2022, after flying from the painting facility in Norwich, UK.

Icelandair's New Livery Features Five Different Tail Colors - Courtesy Icelandair

Icelandair plans to have a total of five MAX aircraft with the new livery by the end of February 2022, with the remainder of the fleet to be repainted according to the maintenance schedule of each aircraft. As part of the new livery program, each aircraft will have one of five different tail colors including boreal blue, magenta, sky blue, yellow and green, representing different phenomena in Icelandic nature. The first aircraft features a sky-blue tail.

Each of the seven colors in the livery scheme represent the spirit of Iceland. The midnight blue is the carrier’s legacy color and represents the backdrop to the dancing auroras, while the snow white fuselage color represents the nation’s glaciers. Boreal blue represents the northern lights, magenta signifies the collective creative power of Iceland with a hint of sunrise, and the crisp blue reflects Iceland’s summer sky filled with light. The golden yellow represents the sun reflecting off waterfalls, glaciers and even simmering magma. Finally, the green signifies the life that can be found, even after the harshest events.

Icelandair also recently refreshed their Reykjavík Airport food hall in line with the airline’s new brand identity, and a focus on sustainability, with the use of upcycled materials and repurposed vintage furniture. The video below, courtesy of Icelandair, documents the space transformation.

Source: Icelandair


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