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Frontier Airlines Celebrates Delivery of 100th Airbus A320neo Family Aircraft

Frontier Airlines announced on Thursday the delivery of their 100th Airbus A320neo Family aircraft. The aircraft’s livery features ‘Chinook the Gray Wolf’ and was assembled at the Airbus facility in Mobile, Alabama.

Frontier Airlines Celebrates Delivery of 100th A320neo Featuring 'Chinook the Gray Wolf' Livery - Courtesy Frontier Airlines

Yesterday (July 29, 2020), Frontier Airlines announced the delivery of their 100th Airbus A320neo. The aircraft was assembled at the Airbus facility in Mobile, Alabama and features ‘Chinook the Gray Wolf’ livery. The aircraft is named after a female wolf-dog hybrid that was rescued in 1993, only hours before she was to be put down due to the stigma of the wolf-hybrid label. Chinook’s rescue was the impetus for the foundation of the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center located in Divide, Colorado. While Chinook passed away in 2007, her legacy endures and continues to drive awareness and conservation efforts of the species. In Thursday’s announcement, Frontier Airlines’ CEO, Barry Biffle said,

“Taking delivery of the 100th Airbus aircraft in our fleet marks a tremendous milestone for our company. We have significantly expanded our fleet in recent years as Frontier has continued to grow both domestically and internationally.”

Also commenting on Yesterday’s delivery, Airbus Americas’ CEO, C. Jeffrey Knittel added,

“Airbus is pleased to reach this significant 100th aircraft milestone with Frontier Airlines, and to be part of the airline’s continuing growth and success. With 160 more aircraft on order, we look forward to many more of these milestones.”

Frontier Airlines 100th Airbus A320neo Featuring 'Chinook the Gray Wolf' - Courtesy Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines operates the largest Airbus A320neo fleet in the U.S. and is a leader is sustainability initiatives and carbon reduction efforts. The A320neo (new engine option) offers greater fuel efficiency and a reduced noise footprint compared to previous generation models. Frontier will receive their remaining 160 A320neo aircraft on order between 2020 and 2027. The carrier uses around 43 percent less fuel when compared to other U.S. carriers due to a unique seating configuration and other weight saving tactics. Frontier Airlines currently has 160 new Airbus A320neo Family aircraft on order and the company’s young and efficient fleet will help it continue to low fares for customers.

Source: Frontier Airlines


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