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Flair Airlines Partners With Genesis Flight College for Innovative Pilot Training Program

Flair Airlines is launching the Flair Airlines Cadet Program in collaboration with Genesis Flight College and Canada Training Solutions (CT Aero) to help meet the growing demand for skilled pilots.

Flair Airlines launches Innovative Airline Pilot Training Program - Courtesy Flair Airlines

On Thursday (August 17, 2023), Flair Airlines announced the launch of the Flair Airlines Cadet Program. In collaboration with Genesis Flight College, a private flight training college based in Collingwood, Ontario, and Canada Training Solutions (CTS Aero), a Canadian flight training innovator, the program will prepare pilots to become 737 MAX first officers within 18 months. Although similar programs exist in Europe to train Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 first officers, this is one of the first programs of its kind in North America to train pilots ‘ab initio’ (from the beginning) to join as first officers on large narrowbody jets.

In Thursday’s announcement, Flair Airlines’ CEO, Stephen Jones, said,

“Flair is proud to collaborate with Genesis Flight College and CTS Aero to take this effective training model and adapt it for rigorous Canadian standards. The program is a first of its kind in Canada by a national carrier and will allow us to contribute to the growth and sustainability of Canada’s aviation workforce, and to continue our mission to deliver the lowest fares on offer in Canada. Training pilots through our innovations will be a key part of our success.”

Also commenting on the new pilot training partnership, Genesis Flight College’s President, David Gascoine, said,

“Our partnership with Flair on the Cadet Program will provide cadets with a direct pathway to a first officer position and Flair with a pipeline of highly trained pilots. We are pleased to be selected as the first flight school in Canada to implement the industry-leading multi-crew training syllabus pioneered in Europe along with fully integrated virtual reality training.”

Canada Training Solutions’ President, Garrett Lawless, added,

“Canada has an opportunity to be an aviation industry leader in training innovation. With mixed reality flight simulation, targeted cognitive training, and evolved curriculums that leverage the strengths of these technologies, we provide support to elite flight training programs as they prepare tomorrow’s air crew. Our programs use proven methodologies to efficiently train more pilots with fewer resources and to higher standards than traditional approaches.”

Applicants will undergo a rigorous pre-selection program, and selected candidates will then complete the specialized training with access to the most innovative aviation industry equipment available. The Flair Airlines Cadet Program will welcome its first group of aspiring pilots in January 2024. Interested candidates can review the curriculum and apply by clicking here.

Flair Airlines is Canada’s only independent ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) and the company’s mission is to make travel accessible and affordable for all Canadians. The airline operates a growing fleet of Next Generation Boeing 737-800s and 737-8s, and serves over 35 Canadian, U.S. and Mexican destinations. The airline plans on growing their fleet to 50 aircraft by 2025.

Source: Flair Airlines


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