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Finnair Announces the Completion of Their Flagship non-Schengen Lounges

Finnair announced on Friday the completion of their non-Schengen lounge expansion with the opening of their new Business Class Lounge. The new Platinum Lounge was opened last June, showcasing contemporary Nordic design.

The 'Blueberry Bar' in Finnair's New Helsinki Business Class Lounge - Courtesy Finnair

Today, Finnair announced the completion of their flagship non-Schengen lounges with the opening of the new Business Class Lounge at Helsinki Airport. The newly designed Platinum Wing Lounge was opened last June, bringing contemporary Nordic design to guests from around the world. The lounge aesthetics are centered on “Nordicness” which incorporates simplicity, clean lines and natural materials to create a warmer more personal experience. In Friday’s announcement, Finnair’s Vice President of Ground Experience, Karim Al-Soufi said,

“With more passengers flowing through Finnair’s hub of Helsinki Airport, the new lounge complex increases seating capacity and space. Together, the new combined lounge complex provides 200 additional seats over the lounges they place.”

Also commenting on Friday’s milestone achievement, Finnair’s Head of Customer Experience Product Design, David Kondo added,

“Throughout the design process, we spent a lot of time to really understand how our customers use our lounges and what their needs are. This, in turn, informed the design of the spaces and services. The result is a lounge that offers a variety of different zones and seating styles, providing our customers with different options on how they want they want to spend their time.”

The furniture selection in the lounge includes modern and classic timeless Nordic pieces including Eero Aarnio’s famous ball chairs at the entrance area. Like the previously opened Platinum Wing Lounge, the Business Class lounge was a collaboration between Finnair’s design team, Helsinki-based KOKO3 and London-based Tangerine.

Visitors to Finnair’s new lounge will also enjoy a fresh new Nordic menu catered to international tastes that includes the best local seasonal produce. Operated in partnership with the Finnish food provider Fazar, meals are prepared in an open kitchen that is coupled with a dedicated dining area. The menu is rotated offering guests a choice of three main courses (meat, fish and vegetarian options), six salads and sumptuous assortment of desserts. During Peak hours, the new full-service bar offers an expanded range of premium alcohol and specialty coffee beverages. There are also several self-service drink stations throughout the lounge as well as a “quick coffee” station located close to the lounge entrance.

The lounge offers a variety of different “pockets” allowing guests to choose how they want to spend their time. As customers move deeper into the lounge it becomes quieter and more private. Seating arrangements and styles vary from social open banquet to more private solo options. A new family area has also been added for guests traveling with children and includes a selection of games and activities to keep the junior explorers occupied. Power is provided at nearly every seat and sound proof phone booths and printing facilities are available. Additionally, five newly refurbished shower suites featuring L:A BRUKET products are available and can be reserved via a touchscreen reservation system.

The new Helsinki Business Lounge is available to Finnair Business Class customers, Finnair Plus Gold and oneworld® Sapphire members when the departing flight is in the non-Schengen area and is operated by the airline alliance. During off-peak periods, all other customers can purchase access in advance or at the lounge entrance. The Lounge can accommodate 600 guests and is open daily from 5:30AM to 12 midnight.

Source: Finnair


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