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Etihad Becomes One of the First Airlines to Enable Pilots to Fly Both the Airbus A350 and A380

Following rigorous regulatory approval and extensive training, Etihad Airways will become one of the first carriers to enable pilots to fly both the Airbus A350 and A380 interchangeably. 

Etihad Receives Regulatory Approval to Allow Pilots to Fly the Airbus A350 and A380 Interchangeably - Courtesy Etihad Airways

On Wednesday (February 14, 2024), Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, announced that following regulatory approval and extensive training, pilots will now be able to fly both the Airbus A350 and A380 aircraft interchangeably.  This milestone makes Etihad one of the pioneering airlines globally to enable this versatility in pilot capabilities.  Airline pilots typically operate one type of aircraft, but with the high similarity of the flight deck, pilot procedures, and the implementation of specialized training, pilots may be enabled to operate two similar aircraft types.  This is achieved through a dedicated program approved by the aircraft manufacturer and Civil Aviation Authority known as Mixed Fleet Flying (MFF).

In Wednesday’s announcement, Etihad Airways’ Chief Operating Officer, Mohammad Al Bulooki, said,

"Etihad Airways is proud to be the one of the very first airlines to qualify its pilots to fly both the Airbus A350 and A380.  This achievement will enhance the resilience and flexibility of the airline’s network and is testament to our commitment to continuously push the boundaries of efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction, and at all times ensuring safety is Etihad’s number one priority.”

Over the past decade, the carrier has obtained similar approvals to allow pilots to interchangeably fly the Airbus A320 and A330, A330 and A340, as well as Boeing 777 and 787 aircraft, setting new standards for fleet commonality.  The latest approval for pilots to fly both the A350 and A380 interchangeably builds on this legacy, and will further enhance the flexibility and efficiency of Etihad’s widebody network.


Source: Etihad Airways


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