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easyJet Completes Fleetwide Installation of Software to Reduce Fuel Use and CO2 Emissions

easyJet has completed a multi-million pound tech installation of Descent Profile Optimization (DPO) and Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) software that will save 88,600 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

easyJet Airbus A319 - Courtesy easyJet

On Monday (October 23, 2023), easyJet announced the completion of the installation of Descent Profile Optimization (DPO) and Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) software fleetwide. The multi-million pound state-of-the-art software installation will result in permanent fuel savings of up to 1.0 percent, thereby reducing CO2 emissions by 88,600 metric tons annually, the equivalent of driving a car around the world 16,100 times. The DPO software updates the flight management system (FMS) to enable more efficient descents by allowing the aircraft to remain in cruise longer, while CDA works in tandem with DPO to reduce noise.

In Monday’s announcement, easyJet’s Chief Operating Officer, captain David Morgan, said,

“While this is one initiative of many outlined in our roadmap to net-zero, it provides a permanent CO2 saving and forms another step on the way to us realising our net-zero target. While technologies like DPO and CDA are the best solution for more optimised descent trajectories in the here and now – more needs to be done by governments and policymakers to ensure that our airspace is modernised, including implementing Single European Sky, so that this state-of-the-art technology can be used to its full potential.”

Also commenting on the DPO and CDA software installation completion, Airbus’ SVP – Sustainability & Environment, Nicholas Chretien, added,

“Airbus is happy to accompany easyJet in its decarbonisation journey. Thanks to Airbus technologies, easyJet seamlessly upgraded their fleet with Descent Profile Optimisation; illustrating our ambition to work with our airline partners. These innovative solutions developed at Airbus enable airlines to increase fuel savings and reduce emissions during operations.”

Descent Profile Optimization (DPO) and Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) Software Infographic - Courtesy easyJet/Airbus

easyJet serves over 150 airports across 35 countries and operates nearly 1,000 routes. The airline has a fleet of more than 300 aircraft, and over 300 million Europeans live within an hour’s drive of an airport served by easyJet. During 2022, easyJet carried more than 69 million passengers. The popular low-cost carrier (LCC) is dedicated to innovation and leads the industry in digital, web, engineering and operational efficiencies. easyJet joined the UN-backed ‘Race to Zero’ in November 2021 and has published their roadmap to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Source: easyJet


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