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AirJapan Unveils Inaugural Onboard Products and Services

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

AirJapan, which plans on launching service in February 2024, has unveiled their inaugural onboard products and services, uniforms and boarding music. The carrier will operate Boeing 787 Dreamliners configured with 324 Economy Class seats with a generous 32-inch pitch.

AirJapan's Boeing 787 Dreamliners Will be Equipped With 324 Economy Class Seats With a Gererous 32-Inch Pitch - Courtesy AirJapan

On Thursday (March 9, 2023), ANA Group announced the unveiling of AirJapan’s inaugural products and services, including seats, uniforms and boarding music. The carrier will operate Boeing 787 Dreamliners configured with 324 Economy Class seats with a generous 32-inch pitch. The cabin crew uniforms are gender-neutral and enable a range of variations in coordination. AirJapan’s boarding music was created in collaboration with the Tokyo University of the Arts, and will warmly welcome guests with the traditional Japanese sounds of shakuhachi and koto. The airline plans to launch flights in February 2024, offering service on medium-haul international routes, with a focus on Asia, under ANA Holdings, Inc.

In Thursday’s announcement, AirJapan’s President, Hideki Mineguchi, said,

“At AirJapan, we are dedicated to the passion of our passenger’s pursuits, which inspires us to create inflight products and services to foster the innovative spirit of those flying with us. We hope the launch of these new amenities create a unique and outstanding travel experience for our passengers.”

The 324 Economy Class seats will be upholstered in premium Japanese faux leather, known for its lightweight, durable and soft texture. The seats offer a spacious 32-inch pitch, providing ample legroom and recline space, allowing guests to unwind and experience optimal inflight comfort. Additionally, USB-A and USB-C ports and tablet holders are provided at each seat. The cabin interior and seats were designed by the British design firm Acumen Design Associates, an award-winning product and transport design agency. The product manufacturing was led by Safran, a world-leading supplier of quality airline seats worldwide.

AirJapan's New Cabin Crew Uniforms - Courtesy ANA

AirJapan’s cabin crew uniforms have been designed to express the carrier’s ‘Fly Thoughtful’ philosophy. Crew members were involved from the earliest planning stages for the new uniforms, resulting in a design that embodies the brand’s core values and kindness to all. The uniforms feature a borderless design, promoting an inclusive workforce, by incorporating gender-neutral options and variations in coordination. There will be two choices for bottoms (pants or skirt) and a choice of sneakers or leather shoes. The design also includes traditional Japanese cultural elements such as knots and layers. The knot is represented by the brand’s color belt, and a beautiful natural overlapping pattern was designed into details such as the hem of skirts and sleeves. As part of AirJapan’s commitment to sustainability, the uniforms will be made in-part from plant-derived fabrics.

As previously mentioned, when guests are boarding AirJapan flights, they will hear music titled ‘Ai’ with the traditional Japanese sounds of shakuhachi and koto, created in collaboration with Tokyo University of the Arts.

Speaking on the musical collaboration, Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School Composer, Noel Hiyamizu, said,

“This ensemble piece combines Japanese and Western instruments. The music's traditional feel is contrasted by the modern vibe produced by the fresh grooves, and the classic Japanese sounds produced by the shakuhachi and koto complement the ensemble of the Western instruments and celebrate the beginning of a new journey. The title 'Ai' encompasses a wide range of meanings including 'indigo,' 'love,' 'meetings' and 'encounters' in Japanese.”

Shakuhachi player Dozan Fujiwara added,

“You can tell that this piece was made with an excellent understanding of melody and instrumentation. It also perfectly captures the excitement of a 'new start.' I am so happy that customers living outside Japan will be able to enjoy this stunning piece of Japanese music.”

AirJapan's Boarding Music Was Created in Collaboration With the Tokyo University of the Arts - Courtesy ANA

AirJapan also hopes to create a memorable experience for overseas customers’ trips to Japan with their onboard meal service, while helping Japanese customers rediscover the authentic tastes of Japan. The carrier will offer menus for a set fee that may be reserved in advance, as well as meals and snacks that can be purchased onboard. For the latest information on AirJapan, please visit their website at or by clicking here.

Video Rendering of AirJapan Boeing 787 Dreamliner - Courtesy AirJapan

Founded in 1952, ANA has grown to become the largest airline in Japan. The carrier has been a Star Alliance partner since 1999 and currently has joint partnerships with United Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Airlines. Established in 2013, ANA HOLDINGS INC. is comprised of 69 companies, including ANA and Peach Aviation, the leading LCC in Japan. ANA has approximately 43,000 employees and operates a fleet of 260 aircraft. Additionally, the carrier was the launch customer and is the largest operator of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Family aircraft, and is the only Airbus A380 operator in Japan.

Source(s): All Nippon Airways/AirJapan


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